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legendarium off the leash

lord of the rings, silmarillion, hobbit, and children of hurin fanart from canon and headcanon.

requests and commissions open.
Jul 29 '14


Jul 26 '14

The four women of Valinor with the most power over the Noldor - Indis, Nerdanel, Ëarwen, and Anairë.

Jul 25 '14
Jul 25 '14
Jul 25 '14
Jul 25 '14
Jul 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

teen Feanor surprising Nerdanel with a hair brooch

Jul 24 '14

the conversation before basically every single important formal meeting that maglor drags the boys to (he alternates them bc he knows from experience that if you put both twins in one room where they’re going to be bored out of their minds, bad things will happen).

also elrond is a teen here - maglor’s just very, very tall. (I put him at 7’6”; Elrond’s at 6’ - not yet his adult height of 7’.) (height chart) Still needs to hit his last growth spurt :P

Jul 22 '14

Aragorn during his time as Thorongil :)

Jul 21 '14

giftart for findekanoastaldo and roguebelle - Theodred teaching Eowyn to fight~
(In preliminary research I realized that Theo’s a whopping 17 years older than her, wow!)
[inspirational headcanon]