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legendarium off the leash

lord of the rings, silmarillion, hobbit, and children of hurin fanart from canon and headcanon.

requests and commissions open.
Oct 7 '13

“Hatred fades,” Galadriel said quietly. “Your name is old now. In this time of evil, seldom spoken, and if it is, more likely of your bravery than – aught else. If they knew you by sight at all. So many here are young.”

“Artanis,” Maglor said, a note of harshness strange in his voice. “Please. I cannot. Even this…it is more mercy than I would allow myself. I indulged this worry because you are all the family left to me, and that still means something, somewhere. But I would not…I laid my own path, and I will see it to the end.”

“Do you intend to die?” Galadriel asked bluntly, and felt only a small sting of guilt when Maglor flinched.

“No,” he said, after a moment. “I do not. I owe it to…I owe it to all of them to live.”

      I read Your Homeless Souls yesterday and suddenly knew I wanted to illustrate something from it. It’s a really beautiful portrait of Galadriel and Maglor as they are during The Fellowship of the Ring and thank you so much Lise for writing it :) I hope this does it a bit of justice!


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