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legendarium off the leash

lord of the rings, silmarillion, hobbit, and children of hurin fanart from canon and headcanon.

requests and commissions open.
Oct 26 '13

I’m fondly calling this ‘the house of Turgon’ even though Fingolfin and Anaire are in here…but it’s not house of nolofinwe bc Aredhel & co aren’t included. so.

IdaLaclan was my 200th watcher on dA and I told her I’d do a sketch (here’s me thinking ‘oh, I’ll just have to sketch legolas or feanor or idk one or two characters’ and then she comes out with “IDRIL AND CO PLUS DAUGHTER-IN-LAW PLUS GRANDSONS PLUS PARENTS-IN-LAW PLEASE” and i was just- fine. fine i’ll do it. all shall love me and despair.) so here you go bby. All yours.

This Idril is also based off of Katrine-Laclyon’s, as per request.


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